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Plastic Recycling and Reprocessing

Since 1995 fewsters services ltd, plastic reprocessing has become estabished as one of the leading companies supplying the plastics industry with high quality, re-processed plastics and recycled plastic resins and recycling services.

We are part of Fewsters Ltd, which was founded in 1946 giving us over 60 years of continuous trading and provides a very stable financial base for our business activities.

Whether you're looking to buy, sell or entrusting our company with your toll processing material you can be assured that unlike several other businesses in the polymer industry, we are a financially sound, bricks & mortar business with real assets, and an excellent reputation to uphold.

Plastic recycling and reprocessing

We have the financial backing, experience and equipment to offer our customers the best service in the industry.

Our company is based in the North East of England with superb link roads to transport our goods both nationally and internationally. We operate from a 9000 square metre unit, housing some of the most sophisticated, modern and energy efficient equipment and plant currently available to the plastic reprocessing industry.

With such an efficient plant this enables us to process in excess of 2000 tonnes of plastic materials a year.

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