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PVC Window Frame Recycling

Landfill costs are ever increasing and despite the wide spread perception that PVC window frames (post use) can’t be recycled - they can!!

We have teamed up with a company that specialises in the processing of post use window frames and as such we are looking for additional supplies of frames to meet demand. We have the solution to your recycling requirements, we can offer a quick and convenient drop of point for your frames we can also offer a skip service for larger qty's and delivery can be made from your vans or trucks. If you have larger quantities we are

in position to pay for good well presented material, the majority of our material comes from the waste transfer sector and we are geared to cope with the type of contamination generally associated with this market and will actively work with operators to maximise their recycling rates.

Once received windows are hammer milled to reduce their bulk, most non-PVC materials are removed and the materials are bagged for onward shipment to the specialist PVC plant.

Wanted: post and pre use PVC-U window scrap and manufacturing off cuts.

For more information regarding our PVC-U recycling please get in touch by email or phone. All contact details are available on our contact page.

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