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Recycle your Plastics for Cash

We have a constant requirement of good quality material for our processing plant. Most although no all material have a value and we are buyers of most types of plastics.

Contact us with any scrap, unused virgin or regrind polymers, redundant or waste plastic you have.

Please bear in mind that allowing for transport cost it is unlikely that quantities of less than 500 kg is going to be cost effective to collect however if you are in any doubt give us a ring.

If you have any material that you feel can be reprocessed and is available in reasonable volume please contact us.

We are particularly interested in the following although this list is not comprehensive.

PP Parts, Trays, Pallets, Boxes, Purge & Redundant Stock.
PC/ABS Injection Moulded Parts & Redundant Stock.
HDPE Bottles, Purge, Parts, Trays & Redundant Stock.
ABS Injection Moulded Parts & Redundant Stock.
PVC Pre & Post Use Window Profile & Frames DEGLAZED
LDPE Clean Polythene, Sheeting, Pallet Covers, Stretch, Wrap & Rolls of Redundant Stock.
Sty_ Injection and Extrusion grade styrene's

Please contact us with details of any material you have available. Visit our contact page for full contact details. Alternatively, email us at: or give us a ring: +44 (0)191 5481800

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